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Your opportunity to network and learn with Jewish day school colleagues. Reshet participation is for Prizmah Network schools and may be limited by job or role at the school. You must log in then request to subscribe to a Reshet group.

Reshet Admission


Reshet Admission is a community of admission directors, directors of recruitment, and other school professionals who fill comparable roles. The group members support one another...
Reshet Alternative Tuition Models

Alternative Tuition Models

This Reshet places the question of day school affordability front and center, with ample opportunities for professional and lay leaders to learn about, question, challenge,...
Reshet Board Leadership

Board Leadership

(for board members and lay leaders only)
Reshet Board Leadership is a community of lay leaders who participate in a set of interrelated activities and initiatives designed to support Jewish day school...
Reshet Development


Reshet Development is a learning community for development professionals to support one another in the day-to-day work, learning, strategies, long-term planning, and experiences of Jewish...
Reshet EdTech Administrator

EdTech Administrator

Prizmah’s EdTech Administrator Reshet is a community of Educational Technology directors, J-STEAM/STEM coordinators, and other school professionals who oversee educational technology in their school. In...
Day School Enrollment and Engagement

Engage: Growing School and Community Partnerships (closed group)

Designed to serve participants in Prizmah's Day School Enrollment and Engagement Initiative, this Reshet is a space for peer-to-peer discussion and resource sharing. Feel free...
Reshet General Studies Leadership

General Studies Leadership

Reshet General Studies Leadership is a community of general studies directors and other school professionals who oversee general studies learning in their school. In this...
Reshet Head of School

Head of School

(for Heads of School )
Reshet Head of School is open to those with the job title head of school, executive director, Menahel, Rosh Yeshiva, and—in some cases—principal. This is...
Reshet Jewish Experiential Programming

Jewish Experiential Programming

Jewish day school faculty have the opportunity to design and create Jewish experiential programming to supercharge Jewish communities all over the world. Together in this...
Reshet Judaic Administrator

Judaic Administrator

(for Judaic Directors and other Jewish studies administrators)
Reshet Judaic Administrator is a community of Judaic directors, Jewish studies directors, Jewish life and learning coordinators, and other school professionals who oversee Jewish life...
Reshet Learning Specialist

Learning Specialist

(for faculty who supervise Special Needs learning)
This network provides a professional learning community for directors of educational support, directors of intervention services, and other school leaders who fulfill comparable roles.
Reshet Mental Health and Wellness

Mental Health and Wellness (Closed Group)

School administrators and Mental Health and Wellness colleagues join together to navigate supporting school communities in light of COVID-19 realities. This group is only open...
Reshet Music Teachers

Music Teachers

Join music teachers from Jewish day schools around North America to share education ideas during COVID-19.
Reshet Orthodox Leaders

Orthodox Leaders

The Prizmah Orthodox Leaders Reshet is open to Orthodox Leaders of Yeshivas and Jewish day schools serving elementary and middle school grades. This is a...
Reshet Orthodox Women Leadership

Orthodox Women Leadership

The Orthodox Women's Leadership Reshet is open to Orthodox women in school leadership positions. This is a network where orthodox women leaders can collaborate, ask...
Reshet Race & School Culture

Race and School Culture (closed group)

Members of Prizmah's Race and School Culture & Cohort are invited into this Reshet for continued learning, sharing of resources, and conversation as an integral...

Safety Respect Equity Coalition Grantees

Reshet Safety Respect Equity Coalition Grantees is a community all working on projects designed to advance safe, equitable, and respectful Jewish organizations and communal spaces...
Reshet School Counselor

School Counselor

Reshet School Counselor is a peer-to-peer professional learning community for lower, middle and high school counselors to share ideas, ask questions and support one another...
Reshet School Counselor Cohort 2

School Counselor Cohort 2 (closed group)

Members of Prizmah's School Counselor Cohort 2 are invited into this Reshet for continued learning, sharing of resources, and conversation as an integral part of...
Reshet Schools in Small Communities

Schools in Small Communities

Schools with fewer than 150 students and those in small Jewish communities face unique challenges and have unique opportunities. Lay and professional leadership of these...
Reshet Senior Development Professional

Senior Development Professional

(for development professionals only)
Reshet Senior Development Professional is a learning community for development professionals who have worked in the development field for at least 10 years and are...
Reshet Unpacked for Educators

Unpacked for Educators (Closed Group)

This is the official Reshet of the Unpacked for Educators Collaborative, an exclusive, international community of schools at the forefront of Israel and Jewish education...
Reshet YOU Lead 2020

YOU Lead 2020 (General)

Reshet YOU Lead is a professional learning community open to YOU Lead participants as part of their year-long leadership development program. This community is designated...