Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
In This Issue
Thought Leadership on Alumni
Jewish Day School Alumni Proud
Reflecting on the Significance of Alumni Connections: 30 Years And Growing
Engaging Parents of Alumni
Oh The Places You’ll Go: Leveraging Alumni to Boost your School’s Value Proposition 
Benefits of Hiring Graduates as Teachers
Cultivating Lifelong Connections: A Commitment to Alumni Engagement 
The Value of an Alumni Professional
The Jewish Youth Pledge: A Lasting Legacy of Jewish Identity, Heritage, and Connection
 Jewish Day School Perspectives and News 
Upcoming Programs and Gatherings
Re-Imagining Your School's Student Support Systems- A Five Part Deep Dive
A Retreat for Experienced Development Professionals 
From Learning Goals to Benchmarks: Enriching Judaic Studies Curricula- A Five Part Deep Dive 
Mazel Tov Moments
Don’t Miss This
Prizmah Associate Spotlight