Prizmah: Center for Jewish Day Schools
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In Memory of Elan Ganeles z’l
Thought Leadership on Headship and Sustainability 
Sharing a Sacred Responsibility 
The Psychological Impact of the Headship
From Survival to “Thrival”: Empowering Leadership Teams 
Fifteen Lessons for Headship Sustainability 
Overcoming Loneliness Through Relationships 
One Solution to the Headship Conundrum 
Managing the Emotional Labor: A Case for Sustained Mentorship 
Leadership Success: Position and Disposition 
Purim is Almost Here! 
Jewish Day School Perspectives and News
Upcoming Programming
Collaborating Through Controversy: A Series for Board Leaders and Heads of Schools 
Simple and Sustainable Social Media Strategy 
Prizmah Meetups
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Mazel Tov Moments